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tips for interview
When writing your resume, don’t be tempted to include any false information. While it may be tempting to alter a few minor details on your resume to make yourself appear more attractive to potential employers, in the end, telling lies will not do you any favors. If an employer catches you lying no matter how small it is, your chances of obtaining the position are very small. Even worse, this person may spread the word about you, which will result in you having a poor reputation that can make it even more difficult for you to land a job with another company.

It marked a violent end to the nearly 48-hour multistate manhunt for Steve Stephens, whose case brought another round of criticism down on Facebook over how responsibly it polices objectionable material posted by users. Search For Facebook Killer Continues A nationwide manhunt is underway for a gunman suspected of executing an elderly Cleveland man on Easter Day and uploading video of the crime to Facebook. He shot himself in the head after the car spun out of control and came to a stop, police said. “This started with one tragedy and ended with another person taking their own life,” said Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams. “We would have liked to have brought Steve in peacefully and really talked to him about why this happened.” Arkansas Vows to Pursue Executions After Court Stay Upheld Stephens, a 37-year-old job counselor who worked with young people, was wanted on murder charges in the killing of Robert Godwin Sr., 74, a former foundry worker and father of 10 who was picking up aluminum cans on Sunday when he was shot. The chilling video was on Facebook for three hours before it was taken down. It was just the latest instance of crime footage being shared on social media. interview negotiation skillsPolice Baffled by Facebook Video Killing A nationwide manhunt is underway for a man suspected of murdering an elderly Cleveland man on Easter Sunday and uploading video of the alleged crime to Facebook. Trina Orlando reports.

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