An Ideas Overview On Rudimentary Interview Skills Methods

There are people who had high power jobs who have been out of work for years and lost their homes. CATS was there through all of that, with various people running it at different times. Q: Who do you find is coming to meetings? KM: Id say its Baby Boomers and Generation Xers. Its people who have been in the work force for awhile and find themselves between jobs. And it tends to be people with college educations. Currently, Fordham University s Alumni Services is rolling out our Project: Job Search as one of their offerings. It will support their Career Services Department for their alumni association members. Theyve mentioned that theyd like to roll it out to the general student population as well. LR: I think theres still a problem with stigma when it comes to job seeking. Ive met people whove been looking who say, I could never come to something like that, Id be too embarrassed. kind of sad that people feel that way.

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interview skills

interview skills

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