Some Challenges For Picking Elements In Career



Joyce E.A. Russell (University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business) To push business schools to take diversity more seriously, AACSB has made diversity and inclusion part of its Vision Initiative, and business school leaders including myself have been sharing best practices at conferences. But much more needs to be done. For us to make a significant dent in having more senior women business leaders, we need to grow the pipeline. This means, we must get more women interested in business as a career. We need to start sooner to get girls (as young as possible) thinking about business or entrepreneurship as a career calling. We need them to see that business can be a noble profession where they can truly do good and make an impact on the world today. But more than this, our business schools need to model best practices by training our faculty, staff and students on biases and micro-aggressions; by hiring, training and promoting individuals based on their performance and not on their backgrounds; we need to encourage women to pursue careers in male-dominated business fields such as finance, IT and analytics; and we need to make sure that the curriculums we use in our programs showcase all types of individuals (women, men, persons of color, etc.) as prominent leaders. One year later, more schools are committed to the best practices created in the partnership of businesses, business schools, AACSB, and the White House, but more business schools need to become signatories to highlight their commitment. business schools, to make future changes in organizations, we need to be accountable for pushing ourselves to make change happen if we really want to be a best place for all types of students, staff, and faculty, and if we truly want to impact what our companies of tomorrow will look like.

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